Cultivating a healthy imagination is just as important to us as expanding our minds. It is important to allow kids a healthy way to act out their vivid imaginations.
We instill the importance of health and fitness. Our youth find peace and comfort while practicing yoga poses. This cultivates a strong sense of body awareness and boosts a child's confidence/self-esteem.
Discovery time is an important time of the day. It is during this time we are able to calm down. Our youth are able to focus on learning, laughing, & creating.
Our youth exoerience a very informative curriculim focused on advanced learning centered around a wholeness and wellnes structure. Children enjoy learning new things due to their curiosity of the world around them.
Our youth are taught to nurture & respect nature and all plant life. We teach that it is  a great responsibility. They love being able to nurture life, and watch it grow. 
At NUF we understand the short attention span of our youth. Our program is flexible in order to support their needs. We have group classroom time as well as movement & exploration. We are committed to building the minds of our future.
We are committed to teaching our youth social and life skills as well as academics that will be beneficial as they become the leaders of tomorrow. Children are encouraged to explore their curiosity in order to naturally enhance their confidence and self-esteem. There are always so many fun and amazing activities to explore at Nubian Unity Foundation. 

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