Health & Wellness Services 




*Youth Day Services

  • Behavioral Services

  • Caregiver Education 

  • Life Skills

  • Self Care & Needs Services

  • Youth Full Day Instruction

  • Group & Individual Learning Plans

  • Mentorship & Guidance












* Community Outreach Services

  • Day Habilitation

  • Personal Emergency Response

  • Non-Medical Transportation

  • Homemaker Services

  • Pre-Vocational  & Job Coaching

  • Community Transition-Individuals exiting:

    • Rehab

    • Jail

    • Hospital 

    • Nursing Home

    • Foster Care

    • Homeless/Displaced Care packages

  •  Vegan Wheels:

    •    Nutritional Meals & Preparation Classes

    •    Healthy Choice Meal Prep

Holistic Wellness Services:

*Kemetic Yoga

*Hatha Yoga

     •Womb Healing Education

      •Therapeutic Massage

      •Life Coaching 

      •Crystal Therapy      

      Chakra Balancing

       Group & Individual Therapy 

Become A Sponsor


This program provides small financial assistance to help pay a bill, monthly RTD  pass, unity club fee, minor car repair and other hardships that happen beyond control. This program also has a positive side and allows for new clothing and shoes for school, interviews, jobs as well as athletic sports. This program is only open when funds are available and approval is not always  guaranteed.

Pet Services:

(Dog & Cat)

Food/Care Packages


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