Custom Spiritual Money Mix 
1dram bottle
This potent Money Mix is a 18•6•9•1•2•2•2 powerful herbal Selenite bay leaf cinnamon blend that contains Real Money Pieces with Cascarilla and tourmaline for protection add a few drops to  Candles ,Ancestor Money, Abundance Check or Petitions to set your intention. 

Cascarilla wards off negative energy regardless of its source. This can include negativity you accumulate through your own trials and tribulations that life throws at you. 

Black tourmaline is the stone for protection; shielding from negative energy and removing unwelcome entities. crystal meaning at a glance: ~ cleansing ~ protection ~ grounding ~ force field shield ~ detox ~no negativity.

(18)herbs (6)incense (9) oils (1)salt(2)fresh plants 
(2)waters (2) stones & crystals

Custom Spiritual Money Mix


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