Daniel Smith also known as "Danny,” is a beautiful four-year-old boy with an even more beautiful spirit. He has a rare terminal genetic disease called MLD Leukodystrophy which is a disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. Currently there is no cure.  People with Leukodystrophy lose an essential protein in the brain called "white matter". White matter plays an essential role in our healthy brain function. Loss of white matter causes seizures, blindness, muscle spasms, decreased muscle function, and muscle tone. Danny is completely immobile. He can no longer move most of his limbs therefore he requires 24 hour care.  Danny is a happy four year old boy, and he is very loved and adored. Danny currently weighs only 22 lbs. Danny has trouble swallowing liquids as well as solids. He also has trouble ingesting food by mouth. As a result Danny has a dual feeding tube one side is used to administer food & the other side is used for medicine. He is an inspiration to all of us because despite suffering with partial blindness, chronic pain, & immense seizures-which tire him out Danny hasn't lost hope & neither have we.
Donate to help with Danny's care, or become a sponsor and a portion of the proceeds will go to assist his needs.
From our hearts to yours-
Thank you!

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